Getting the Word Out

photo of Danielle

To whom it may concern:

My name is Dani. I am a Communications Advisor for a group called GirlswithNerve, which is project of Ibis Reproductive Health. GirlswithNerve is a website that provides sexual and reproductive health information and support for teens with epilepsy.

GirlswithNerve is important to me because I was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy almost three years ago. Struggling with epilepsy has been a long road for me. At one point, I was unable to walk and as a result I didn’t leave my house. There were days I couldn’t even leave my room because I was afraid I would have a seizure, fall, and get hurt. My attendance at school suffered and I was forced to leave high school in the middle of my senior year. I felt like no one understood.

After years of trying several different medications and suffering from many different side effects, my doctors finally found medication that started to work for me. I also started to take a birth control pill daily to see if my hormones would regulate; most of my seizure activity was around menstruation and ovulation. It’s August, 2015 and I have been seizure free for two years! I am very interested in helping get the word out about epilepsy and I would like to help raise awareness.

I am hoping you can help me get the word out about GirlswithNerve.

Best regards,