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photo of DanielleDani is 19 and has had epilepsy for almost three years. She lives in Florida and loves dancing around the house with a broom, singing along to Ed Sheeran, and listening to Taylor Swift. Check out her blog about her experience being diagnosed with epilepsy and the letter she sent to local organizations to let them know about GirlswithNerve.

photo of Amanda F.Amanda is 22 and has had epilepsy since she was seven years old. She lives in New Jersey, loves soccer, listening to Andie Case and Rachel Platten, and helping others with epilepsy. Her blog is about her epilepsy diagnosis and experiences with birth control.

photo of LaurenLauren is 18 and started having seizures when she was three years old. Epilepsy affected her to the point where her teachers told her she wouldn’t pass high school. She’s now in college and not letting seizures get in the way of her future! In her blog, she shares tips on how to manage seizures while dating.
photo of KateKate is 19 and has had epilepsy since high school. She is determined to make a difference in the world. She loves sleep, social justice, activism, Diet Pepsi, and her cat. Check out her blog on stigma and epilepsy.

photo of MichaelaMichaela is 20 years old and has had epilepsy since sixth grade. She loves spending time with her family, her boyfriend, and her two dogs and six cats. Her blog describes how she learned how to take care of herself, manage her epilepsy, and find the right birth control method—all while surviving high school.